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IT Solutions 

Relationship based IT consulting that you can trust.



We are a Christchurch based, locally owned and operated IT consulting company. We put a focus on getting to know your business and its systems, along with the key people involved.

Success is this industry is based on strong foundations of trust and transparency, and as a result, we invest our time in building relationships for the long term.

No two businesses are the same in relation to what they need. That’s why we employ the best of the best, to ensure the level of service you receive is uniquely tailored to your own requirements and business goals.

We mold and adapt best practice IT through a combined wealth of industry experience, to provide exactly what you need. After all, the success of technology in your business is as important to us as it is to you.


our services 


Technology changes constantly, and we change with it.


We regularly monitor the current security and IT landscape worldwide, and are always working to keep your IT services in line with best practice security standards.


It’s important to us that our clients are well ahead of the game, and are always in the best possible position with their security setup.



As IT consultants, it’s our responsibility to ensure you’re advised on all aspects of your technology setup in the workplace.

We pride ourselves on transparency and ensuring our technical expertise sets you up for success well into the future. We consistently look for solutions that fit both your business requirements, and your budget.

Get in touch with us to discuss your specific IT needs.



Our team is invested not only in the quality of their work, but in the success of your business long term. This will always come through in the calibre of support we provide.

ZEAL Consultants will work on addressing the underlying issues and deploying day-to-day fixes that decrease (and eliminate) recurring technical problems.

It’s all about making your lives easier, and freeing up your time to spend it on what’s most important for your business.


Issues with business technologies are fundamentally unpredictable, especially as your business scales. This is unavoidable.

Therefore, our approach revolves around predicting future issues and consistently working to address potential root causes rather than chasing the symptoms. This is crucial in IT support.


We’re meticulous in our reporting.

We’ll provide you with a robust and thorough report addressing the current state of technology within your business. We will also make recommendations for increased efficiencies, and provide you with a blueprint for technological success well into the future.


Mike has worked in the IT Industry for over 25 years with previous stints for Integration providers throughout New Zealand. Most recently his time with Statistics New Zealand as an Infrastructure Consultant has provided for a wealth of experience in all facets of IT consulting, both at Enterprise and SMB levels.

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Xanthe has years of experience working in an admin-based industry coming from a finance background. She's passionate about all things organization and asset management - With skills in planning, understanding, advising, and communication.


Ricky has a strong relationship and customer-first approach to all undertakings with 25 years in customer service, over 20 of which have been in the IT industry. Ricky is a Director and Technical Lead for Zeal, consulting at all levels of SMB, Enterprise, and local council levels. With a specialized interest in networks and security. 


Born and bred in Ōtautahi, Zane has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. He has experience working in corporate, small business and IT integration firms.  Zane also has personal experience running a Christchurch business, which gives him a unique understanding when helping to alleviate the stresses and complexity his clients face.


Arno has a passion for making connections and building relationships. After 15+ years in the tech industry and gaining valuable international experience, he proudly joins the Zeal family. Focused on the technical goals of his clients, he helps plan and implement solutions with patience and precision.

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Louie has 20 years of extensive experience in customer service, ten of which is in IT Technical Support & Account Management. He’s a meticulous problem solver and brings with him an aptitude to integrate all manner of software and hardware solutions to suit a business.

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)_edited.jpg

Tom has joined Zeal with over seven years of hospitality experience, but his passion for technology has led him to pursue a career in IT. With a natural curiosity and eagerness to learn, he is dedicated to developing his skills and expertise in this dynamic field to help Zeal's clients succeed.


We are delighted to welcome Michael to the Zeal team. With an incredible 20+ years of experience in corporate IT, his wealth of knowledge and expertise is truly invaluable. We are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside someone with such a seasoned perspective, and we eagerly look forward to benefiting from his insights and problem-solving skills.




Meet the Team 

“We think of Zeal as part of our team. They understand multi-level businesses and are good at coping with all the levels of people, and provide outstanding customer service, and that’s the biggest drawcard. Plus, they’re incredible value for money.”

Lucy Whelan

Operations and Special Projects at Lone Star Cafe and Bar Franchise Company Ltd and Joe's Garage Franchise Services Ltd


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Let us shout you a coffee, and we’ll talk through your business’s IT needs.


No obligation - just honest IT advice and assistance, designed to take you one step closer to better and improved technology efficiencies.

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